About ponderpost

ponderpost was created to encourage healthy questions and deep thought. As our tagline suggests, we aim to provide thought-provoking opinion and analysis. In particular, we seek to publish the very type of content and commentary that Big Tech is “deplatforming” and banning (or putting warning labels on to comply with the Big Government thought police).

Instead, we freely address “controversial” topics like questioning vaccines and auditing elections. While not bowing to the Big Government and Big Tech lines on these two topics can get you banned almost instantly (while the Taliban’s accounts remain open), we have created a platform for people to post and share these and other topics freely. Furthermore, we have tried to make it easy to share links to our content on social media for greater exposure (perhaps a simple link will survive the censors there).

ponderpost is a personal project. It is not hosted on Big Tech platforms and Does NOT Use Google Analytics or the Facebook tracking pixel. Please see our privacy policy for more details on this. We welcome a worldwide audience; however, our focal area is the United States.

Please join in the conversation. Share your thoughts and insights. Add more references and encourage others to seek better understanding and, ultimately, truth. And, finally, please follow our code of conduct and remember the purpose of ponderpost is to:

  • Provide food for thought
  • Ask questions
  • Stimulate conversation
  • Encourage intellectual curiosity
  • Promote content consistent with freedom and liberty

Together we can push back against the forces of intellectual and political tyranny. Science is about asking questions, testing hypotheses, discarding ideas that don’t measure up, and truly seeking the truth. It is not governed or directed by politics or even personal preferences. Let us be on the side of real science and explore multiple angles and question the “official narrative.” The truth will withstand an honest inquiry.

We thank you for your participation. We thank our authors for their dedication to sharing their insights.