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Canadian Doctors Discuss COVID-19

“Canadian Doctors Speak Out” – This short video from The Canada Health Alliance offers hope about COVID-19. It shares a different perspective to the fear found in so many other sources. It provides scientific reasons why our society needs to open up and stop living in isolation. One thing to consider regarding the message within …

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Joe Biden

Is Joe Biden Being Racist?

"If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump — then you ain't black!" - Joe Biden
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Government Regulations: Full Speed Ahead!

The size, scope and growth of federal regulations are staggering. A recent study concluded that the equivalent of a new regulation was created every 2 hours and 33 minutes.
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Food definitions: do words matter?

Questions to consider regarding the FDA's consideration of a new definition for milk that would include artificial sweetener.
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Milton Friedman talks about the rich and profits

Watch a classic video snippet of economist Milton Friedman discuss the rich, profits, the minimum wage, and government failures.
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Global influence of Billy Graham celebrated

A look at Billy Graham's global influence. Comments in response to his 95th birthday celebration.
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Do color photos alter our perspective of history?

Does seeing photos in color alter our perspective on historic events and people? Rare color and realistically colorized historic photos are referenced for your response.
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Are we headed for another civil war?

Brandon Smith of Personal Liberty Digest asks if America is being deliberately pushed toward civil war. Read his article and discuss.
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George Washington: Unjust & Unwise to Deprive Man of Liberty

Some wisdom relating to liberty from George Washington.
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Free Home Study Course from the Cato Institute

Get acquainted with some of the world's greatest minds and friends of liberty. Learn the historical, philosophical, economic, legal and moral foundations of individual liberty and limited government.
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