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Smartphones and Life: Something to Think About

Video and several questions to ponder regarding the impact of smartphones on our lives and social interactions. Tech Sabbath introduced.
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If your house was flooded, would you raise the ceiling or pump out the water?

Simple question but is the answer easy? Share your thoughts.
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Guard against the impostures of pretended patriotism

George Washington's warning on he dangers of pretended patriotism.
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Antarctic Sea Ice Sets Growth Record

Record-breaking Antarctic sea ice growth prompts questions about global warming. Is the news media censoring science?
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13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules

13 thought-provoking and somewhat humorous rules to follow when using a gun for self-defense.
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A Look at Government Leaders & Their Moral Failings

Warning from Wes Benedict of the Libertarian Party regarding the dangerous impact of government leaders and their moral failures. Fundamental human weakness makes limited government essential.
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Who Protects Us from Government Under the “Patriot Act”?

It’s time to defend our liberties against a federal government that grows more powerful every day through the arrogantly mis-named "Patriot Act."
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Can Destruction Create Wealth?

Do natural disasters, war, and other destructive actions benefit the economy? French economist Frédéric Bastiat argues they do not because destruction cannot create wealth.
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Ron Paul’s Virginia Tea Party Speech

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) spoke to the Virginia Tea Party Patriots Convention on October 9, 2010 and delivered an powerful speech about patriotism, the economic crisis, free market economics, the Constitution, and many other current issues impacting our government.
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Greed & Phil Donahue’s 1979 Interview of Milton Friedman

Watch this 1979 clip where, in under 3 minutes, Milton Friedman demolishes Phil Donahue's argument that capitalism is based on greed.
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