October 4, 2010

PonderPick Selections for October 3, 2010

The information, links, and article references that make up the new PonderPicks category have been sent in by PonderPost readers and/or culled from a variety of constitutional libertarian writers, blogs, and other sources. This information is included on PonderPost to offer a variety of real-life topics and how they relate to the Constitution.

Please follow these linked sources and consider them carefully. Critically ask yourself questions and make up your own mind about these topics. Are the points advocated by the author right and true? Is their argument consistent and does it line up with what we know about the “real world”? Did they make their case logically and honestly or did they mis-characterize something to make a point? Did they ignore truth or leave anything important out? What can you do with this new information?


Joe Wolverton II’s “Wither the Constitution?” discusses the Tea Party movement, the “living document” claims many make about the Constitution, and what enumerated powers from “we the people” really means.


Henry Lamb’s “Feds say global governance at ‘critical juncture‘” discusses the newly-released “Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture” report by the United States National Intelligence Council and the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies. Learn more about global governance, global government, and the loss of national sovereignty under global initiatives.


In “The Great Divide” Robert A. Gomez, MSgt, USAF, (Ret) shares how “progressives” have used hyphenated ethnic terms to divide and conquer Americans when the Constitution is clear that all Americans are equal under the law.


Have you ever wondered why the price of gold has surged over the past months? Robert P. Murphy addresses the high cost of gold, the origin of money, the special role of gold and silver, and the differences between gold and government paper for money in his article entitled “The Meaning of Gold in the News.”


The views espoused by the above referenced sources are not necessarily those advocated by PonderPost or held by PonderPost editors. Please share your response to this information below and contact us with your future PonderPick suggestions.

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